Quick List: 10 Qualities To Make Your Video Go Viral

Secret’s out! I’m working on a new video to be launched next week. And this time, I’m wearing the creative director hat by not starring in it! My goal is to beat my 40K/week record that I had with You Oughta Know Inbound Marketing. Can I do it?! Who knows!

While on my “viral” kick, I wrote up a HubSpot blog article today on *my take* of  the top 10 qualities that can make your video go viral.

Here’s the abridged list:

1) Do a parody/spoof of something familiar.

2) Incorporate music.

3) Make your video very short: Murder your darlings!

4) If you use music, keep it uptempo.

5) Edit your video into sharp, quick scenes.

6) Be funny to people other than you.

7) Don’t get stuck on quality.

8) Be bigger than life.

9) Shock your viewer in first 5 seconds.

10) Remove as much “corporate friction” as possible.

Read the full blog post here.

Sooo… do you agree with me? Anything I missed? ARE YOU AS PUMPED FOR MY NEW VIDEO AS I AM?

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