Who’s a Proud Auntie of Her Cutie Pie Baby Nephew?

Last week I traveled to southern CA to visit my brother, sister-in-law and beautiful baby nephew! I brought him a little piano. (Naturally.) Turns out he already had one, so now the lucky guy has two. :) — Click here for more photos!

Here are some cute videos, too. I tried to get him to play his piano for the camera. Didn’t really work, but adorable none-the-less.

Playing For Change: World Peace Through Song

I am a giant cheeseball. And yes… beautiful, musical things indeed make me teary. This took the cake. Two reasons:

1) The song’s concept is to bring world peace through music.

2) A handful of “nobodies”–buskers!–have such passion and talent that they can move the entire world to step back, reflect and appreciate the world.

In the social media world, we always talk about the power of “remarkable” content. Case in point.


(Playing For Change | Song Around The World “Stand By Me” from Concord Music Group)

Are Real Celebrities Ruining Twitter For the Rest of Us?

Steve Rubel’s recent post Twitter Is Peaking; Get Ready to Follow The Geeks Onward on AdAge sparked a very interesting discussion between the great @TWalk and me.

Is the entrance of celebrities into Twitter ruining it for the “rest of us?”

In Rubel’s article, he states, “Just six months ago, the list of the top 100 users on Twitter read like a who’s who of geeks.” I agree. And to us, those in the top 100 were seen as celebrities.

Eventually, new Twitter adopters realized the possibility to exist equally among those celebrity geeks. Yes! We could become celebrities ourselves! We could be important! Known by thousands! Big shots in our little Twitter world.

So what originally determined Twitter Celebrity Status?

Twitter Age (Interesting Content x Rate of Updates)

Twitter Age is–obviously–the length of time someone has been using Twitter.

With this idea, I don’t blame those who’ve worked hard to earn “Twitter Elite Status” (potentially Rubel himself?) for getting peeved off that *REAL* celebrities are changing Twitter, or raising the bar. Where the advantage previously was “Twitter Age,” a totally new variable has entered the picture. Prior fame.

So what does this mean? Twitter Celebrities are not the celebrities of Twitter anymore. There is a whole new standard that we normal people are going to have a tough time reaching.

So what now? Should we pout? Does it really matter? Your network is still your network, regardless of a celebrity’s ability to have thousands more followers than you. Maybe this will separate us into two camps.

Or maybe we’ll just find a new castle where we can be king.

Would it be weird if I sung to my camera?

I’ve been having a lot of fun making all my crazy music videos. I’ve hit three genres so far, and there’s talk of something pop/dancey down the line.

However, I’m considering doing something more Repcor-specific. I’m not sure if I should try a few covers, or maybe start writing more of my own music like I used to. Either way, I think it would be nice to get into some of the more artistic stuff. Prove that I’m more than just a wacky performer. :)

So my question is: How should I “perform” my music on my blog? Should I be incredibly cheesy and sing right into my camera? Would that make you feel awkward? Should I record only audio? Should I record me singing/playing, but look to the side? What if I had someone accompany me?

Should I just do this…?

So, friends, let me know your thoughts! Please and thank you.


WORD! Does this give me street cred?

By Rebecca Corliss (@repcor)

It’s “south by” where the geeks are fly
Twenty minutes without Twitter
And we’d probably die
You know why
Yo, am I following you?
Your avatar is sweet
It’s too good to be true
Staying weird in Austin
Parties every night
And my Twitter grade status
Gonna cause a bar fight
That picture I took?
I’ll put it up on Facebook
And I’ll tag it so good
That your motha’ might look
Word. Absurd.
You’re only hot if you’re a nerd
Microblogging so sweet
That you know it’s overheard. What?

SXSW. Party in the club. Homies start a geek fest.
SXSW. And we’ll be a trending topic ‘tik six in the morning.

With Pete Cashmore on my arm
We ghost riding down the street
And you know you check out Julia
When she decides to Tweet
It’s sweet.
Taking Twitpics of the honies
Cause it’s funny
In the iPhone store buying apps and spending money
Park my Mini Cooper
ReadWriteWeb and TechCrunch Chill
Arrington is blogging,
Yo, GaryVee you and me should party in this motha’
Sippy sip with Kawasaki!
And! Brogan with his pirate crew
I’m hanging on the poolside
Robert Scoble is that YOU

SXSW. Party in the club. Homies start a geek fest.
SXSW. And we’ll be a trending topic ‘tik six in the morning.

Baby you look fly
Connect to my API
Going viral like a spiral
As we own the public eye

Don’t be wasting all my flaver
With your Windows pipe screensaver
Crowdsourcing reinforcing
Cloud computing
Touch the sky!

Don’t  go be wack like Plurk
Fly dawgs Mechanical Turk
We pull out Qik because it’s sick
Gangsters in real-time at work

Interactive is attractive
Here at SXSW
If everything’s bigger in Texas
Then it’s geeks who do it BEST!

SXSW. Party in the club. Homies start a geek fest.
SXSW. And we’ll be a trending topic ‘tik six in the morning.

Cameos (in order of appearance):

@PaughGinney, @scottmonty, @iamkhayyam, @julien, @juliaroy, @CMajor, @cappypopp, @JenWojcik, @davealevine, @mashable (photo), @techcrunch (photo), @garyvee (photo), @guykawasaki (photo), @chrisbrogan, @scobelizer, @brett

I KNOW I’m missing people. PLEASE tell me if you see yourself, so I can add you in. :)

Also, keep an eye out for @danzarrella, @rickburnes and @pc4media hanging out behind me as I rock out at my desk. Yeah, I’m cool.


Thank you to @JohnJohansen and @recklessstudio for your wonderful camera-holding skills.

Full credits are here.


Wanna be in my SXSW music video?

I’m leaving for Austin and SXSWi early Friday morning, and I am BEYOND excited. True story: I won my conference ticket in a raffle during Boston Twestival. Best $20 bucks in raffle tickets I’ve ever spent. (And for a good cause too!)

While I’m there, one of my main projects will be a creative piece (Did I hear… music video?) that will include dancey video clips from all the folks I meetespecially, at the Austin Tweetup that HubSpot is sponsoring on Sunday, March 15th from 9pm-2am at the Aces Lounge.  It may or may not involve awesome *thug life* poses and dance moves. (See exhibit A.) It’ll be a really good time. So if you think you’re up for it, you should definitely @repcor/DM me.

I’m also scheduling casual meetups for a video interview series for my company’s Inbound Marketing blog (with over 11 thousand subscribers… hey now!) You can check out the questions I’ll be asking here. So, don’t be shocked if I ask to interview you. That just means I think you’re really, really smart.

Things are finally coming together! It’s going to be an amazing time, and I’m really looking forward to meeting all sorts of new people and learning lots. So let’s hang out!

Nerd Ladies Unite! (Repcor to Speak at Geek Girl Camp)

Just wanted to give an AWESOME PLUG to Geek Girl Camp that’s happening this upcoming Thursday, March 12th in Randolf, MA.

I will be speaking at the event, along with colleagues and fellow geek ladies Ellie Mirman and Karen Rubin. My talk is on (surprise, surprise) Twitter for Business. I’m also doing a co-presentation with Ellie on the deets of inbound marketing.

I’m really excited to get more into speaking. My last talk was at the New Marketing Summit, where I spoke on a “Millenial Marketing Movers” panel organized by the wonderful and brilliant Ben Grossman. Good times.

Anyhow. Ladies, represent! We can be geeks too. Be proud. :)

Dude. I’m in a band?!

This is a cute little video that my friend Joselin Mane took during #HubSpot1K. Yep. It’s me singing my one-hit-wonder.

I love RockBand. And my stupid “woo!” at the end. Man. That’s STAGE PRESENCE right there.

Thanks, Joselin!

MC Hammer Legit Visits HubSpot TV

Yesterday started as a normal, busy day hustling and bustling around. Getting HubSpot TV prepared and ready to go. Starting the show at 4:00pm as normal. You know. Just an average, normal Friday.

Then MC Hammer showed up.

That’s my hand (and my messy handwriting) that made a cameo in front of Hammer. :)

So how did it happen? In short, my colleague Dan Zarrella was on Twitter and noticed him tweeting that he was in Boston. So… we tweeted him like CRAZY inviting him to stop by. He showed up. There you have it!

I’ve talked about this before, but Twitter really, really does level the networking playing field. In what other medium could a software company get in touch with a rockstar and actually get him to drop by? That doesn’t happen ANYWHERE else. It just doesn’t.

You can read the full blog post about Hammer’s HubSpot visit or watch his full interview on HubSpot TV. Very cool stuff indeed.

Happy Valentine’s Day Music Videos!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves, perhaps doing something special.

Me? I’m waiting for 2 dozen roses that I won from KABLOOM! Later, I’m going to an improv show all about how much love and Valentine’s Day sucks! Fabulous.

Also–if you haven’t seen it yet–last Monday I released my new music video Link Love. I’ve gotten some good feedback. We launched it along with a cute give link love Twitter application that my colleague Dan Zarrella created. Let me know what you think. And the lyrics are here.

FYI: Yes, I wrote the song. I thought I’d try something a bit more original this time, instead of a cover. People tell me it’s catchy. Muhaha.

I also just stumbled upon Pepsi’s own Valentine’s Day video. I’m not sure how I feel. It definitely looks a lot more professional, but I don’t know… I think my song’s better. :)

Enjoy your day!