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This dispatch is going to bust your Foursquare misconduct

I’m proud to be a part of HubSpot’s newest crazy video series, Foursquare Cops. We taped the video below on a sunny, silly Sunday afternoon. And as far as I’m concerned, it’s not too shabby! This video is part of a four-video series that will launch every Tuesday at 12pm ET on the HubSpot marketing blog.


Brightcove Breakfast: Three HubSpot Video Case Studies

This morning, I’ll be presenting at the Brightcove Breakfast. My talk is about using video for marketing (surprise, surprise!), specifically discussing three HubSpot case studies (“viral” video, webinars, and live video podcasts).

Check ‘er out!

Video + Online Marketing = <3 (DMAW Social Media Day Preso)

Today I’m on a video panel at the DMAW’s Social Media Day event. I’m pumped! ;) Below is my [short and sweet] presentation about the benefits of integrating video into your inbound marketing strategy.

Also, here’s a handful of the awesome marketing videos we’ve made at HubSpot. (I mention a handful of them in the preso.) Enjoy!

Want to see me live on HubSpot TV on Friday? Well watch me, K? :)

Hey, folks. Guess WHAT!

I will be doing my FIRST ever live video podcast with my good friend and colleague @KarenRubin this Friday,  July 10th! We’re going to do a fun little “ladies night” episode full of goofy (yet smart!) fun. I’m also going to try really hard to make it a bit more interactive than the shows normally are. Should be a good time.

The podcast is on LIVE at 4:00pm EDT at Watch me. Really. Even if it will make me nervous. — It’s funny. Singing in front of a crowd? FINE. Doing a live “tv show”? Eep!

If you have NO clue what HubSpot TV is:

1) You’re missing out. Seriously. (I mean… I’m a PRODUCER! What do you mean you don’t watch HubSpot TV!?)

2) Here’s one of my favorite episodes with the fantastic C.C. Chapman:

Imagine that… except no guest, no @mvolpe (sorry, Mike!), and a lot more girly-ness.

And? Maybe a few surprises!

Quick List: 10 Qualities To Make Your Video Go Viral

Secret’s out! I’m working on a new video to be launched next week. And this time, I’m wearing the creative director hat by not starring in it! My goal is to beat my 40K/week record that I had with You Oughta Know Inbound Marketing. Can I do it?! Who knows!

While on my “viral” kick, I wrote up a HubSpot blog article today on *my take* of  the top 10 qualities that can make your video go viral.

Here’s the abridged list:

1) Do a parody/spoof of something familiar.

2) Incorporate music.

3) Make your video very short: Murder your darlings!

4) If you use music, keep it uptempo.

5) Edit your video into sharp, quick scenes.

6) Be funny to people other than you.

7) Don’t get stuck on quality.

8) Be bigger than life.

9) Shock your viewer in first 5 seconds.

10) Remove as much “corporate friction” as possible.

Read the full blog post here.

Sooo… do you agree with me? Anything I missed? ARE YOU AS PUMPED FOR MY NEW VIDEO AS I AM?

How to Use Creative Content to Rock Inbound Marketing (For TwitterQueens!)

In about an hour or so, I’ll be doing a presentation at NYC TwitterQueens on inbound marketing and–my favorite!–the value of creative content.

Feel free to check out the presentation below.

Are Real Celebrities Ruining Twitter For the Rest of Us?

Steve Rubel’s recent post Twitter Is Peaking; Get Ready to Follow The Geeks Onward on AdAge sparked a very interesting discussion between the great @TWalk and me.

Is the entrance of celebrities into Twitter ruining it for the “rest of us?”

In Rubel’s article, he states, “Just six months ago, the list of the top 100 users on Twitter read like a who’s who of geeks.” I agree. And to us, those in the top 100 were seen as celebrities.

Eventually, new Twitter adopters realized the possibility to exist equally among those celebrity geeks. Yes! We could become celebrities ourselves! We could be important! Known by thousands! Big shots in our little Twitter world.

So what originally determined Twitter Celebrity Status?

Twitter Age (Interesting Content x Rate of Updates)

Twitter Age is–obviously–the length of time someone has been using Twitter.

With this idea, I don’t blame those who’ve worked hard to earn “Twitter Elite Status” (potentially Rubel himself?) for getting peeved off that *REAL* celebrities are changing Twitter, or raising the bar. Where the advantage previously was “Twitter Age,” a totally new variable has entered the picture. Prior fame.

So what does this mean? Twitter Celebrities are not the celebrities of Twitter anymore. There is a whole new standard that we normal people are going to have a tough time reaching.

So what now? Should we pout? Does it really matter? Your network is still your network, regardless of a celebrity’s ability to have thousands more followers than you. Maybe this will separate us into two camps.

Or maybe we’ll just find a new castle where we can be king.

Wanna be in my SXSW music video?

I’m leaving for Austin and SXSWi early Friday morning, and I am BEYOND excited. True story: I won my conference ticket in a raffle during Boston Twestival. Best $20 bucks in raffle tickets I’ve ever spent. (And for a good cause too!)

While I’m there, one of my main projects will be a creative piece (Did I hear… music video?) that will include dancey video clips from all the folks I meetespecially, at the Austin Tweetup that HubSpot is sponsoring on Sunday, March 15th from 9pm-2am at the Aces Lounge.  It may or may not involve awesome *thug life* poses and dance moves. (See exhibit A.) It’ll be a really good time. So if you think you’re up for it, you should definitely @repcor/DM me.

I’m also scheduling casual meetups for a video interview series for my company’s Inbound Marketing blog (with over 11 thousand subscribers… hey now!) You can check out the questions I’ll be asking here. So, don’t be shocked if I ask to interview you. That just means I think you’re really, really smart.

Things are finally coming together! It’s going to be an amazing time, and I’m really looking forward to meeting all sorts of new people and learning lots. So let’s hang out!

MC Hammer Legit Visits HubSpot TV

Yesterday started as a normal, busy day hustling and bustling around. Getting HubSpot TV prepared and ready to go. Starting the show at 4:00pm as normal. You know. Just an average, normal Friday.

Then MC Hammer showed up.

That’s my hand (and my messy handwriting) that made a cameo in front of Hammer. :)

So how did it happen? In short, my colleague Dan Zarrella was on Twitter and noticed him tweeting that he was in Boston. So… we tweeted him like CRAZY inviting him to stop by. He showed up. There you have it!

I’ve talked about this before, but Twitter really, really does level the networking playing field. In what other medium could a software company get in touch with a rockstar and actually get him to drop by? That doesn’t happen ANYWHERE else. It just doesn’t.

You can read the full blog post about Hammer’s HubSpot visit or watch his full interview on HubSpot TV. Very cool stuff indeed.

Youuuuuuuu are being stupid, Soulja Boy.

Poor ROFLcon kids got their Crank That ROFLcon video taken down.

It really is a shame, but I love their response. It would be pretty awesome if this was one of the results that came up when searching for Crank That/Soulja Boy on Youtube. Don’t you think?

Let’s make it happen.