Musical Moments

Here’s to caroling with unicorns. Merry Christmas.

Of course, another crazy HubSpot project. Life is good. Merry Christmas! :-)

Do you want to date my avatar?

This video came out YESTERDAY and it already has 55K+ views. (Probably more by the time you read this.)

Someday… I will be Felicia Day. I mean, I’ve made online music videos too. I’m only a jump away!

And for the record, I’ve never watched an episode of The Guild in my life. Never. I swear. Really!

Enjoy the video. :)

An Unstoppable Dance Party

Randomly stumbled on this video on YouTube. It’s a real life, non-edited “Free Hugs” kind of video in dance party form. The best part is toward the end when a girl in the background says, “How did he do that?! HOW DID HE DO THAT?”

Yeah. How did he do that?

Amazing, right?

This is what they were dancing to: Santogold, Unstoppable.

Nobody Defeats the Beasts of Hockey East

First, this post is WAY overdue. My amazing (and talented friend) @SchneiderMike made me this rap video a couple months ago after losing a bet. ;)

Our rivaling alma maters’ hockey teams (his Miami of Ohio and my Boston University) competed against each other in the N.C.A.A. Hockey finals. Needless to say, BU won.

And here is my prize. Thanks, Mike!

Rebecca Corliss and the Boston Unive

Would it be weird if I sung to my camera?

I’ve been having a lot of fun making all my crazy music videos. I’ve hit three genres so far, and there’s talk of something pop/dancey down the line.

However, I’m considering doing something more Repcor-specific. I’m not sure if I should try a few covers, or maybe start writing more of my own music like I used to. Either way, I think it would be nice to get into some of the more artistic stuff. Prove that I’m more than just a wacky performer. :)

So my question is: How should I “perform” my music on my blog? Should I be incredibly cheesy and sing right into my camera? Would that make you feel awkward? Should I record only audio? Should I record me singing/playing, but look to the side? What if I had someone accompany me?

Should I just do this…?

So, friends, let me know your thoughts! Please and thank you.

@JuliaRoy’s 10-year-old cousin will be a superstar by tomorrow.

Earlier today, Julia Roy tweeted the link to her little cousin’s performance of Some Where Over the Rainbow. All I can say is… Wow.

Her cousin’s name is Morgan, and in the beginning of her performance her voice is incredibly soft and sweet (with some impressive vibrato for her age). Well? Wait ’til she gets to the chorus for some attitude and power. It’s quite incredible.

Unfortunately embedding of this specific video has been disabled, but here is the link!

EDIT: They changed their minds and are letting me embed the video. Here she is!

Reminds me of a young Christina Aguilera. Except perhaps… better?

I <3 local music @ Make Music Cambridge

Yesterday I went to the Make Music Cambridge event, an awesome outdoor music festival with free live music at every street corner. There were tons of incredibly talented jazz bands, rock bands, singer chicks, violin players, etc. Absolute heaven.

One band I got to check out was Shanghai Thrills. (Naturally, I had to ask for a picture with them.)

Unfortunately I only caught the last song of their set (see below), but I really loved what I heard. Genuine, good rock sound. Super energetic and talented.– I think it’s really smart for local bands to perform at things like this. The exposure you get is fantastic. There was no common demographic of the audience. Just music lovers alike. Also! They’re playing at Harper’s Ferry on Monday June 30th. So you should gooooo. :)

Oh man. I want to be in a band. (Need some female backup vocals, boys?)

Check it out. Watch them. Enjoy. Did I mention that they’re incredibly adorable?

I love my happy music town. Good stuff happens here.

The most musical wedding… ever.

Well, first… my apologizes for being the worst blogger ever. I’m into week three of the new job, and I haven’t found my writing groove yet. I’ll bounce back. I promise.

In other news! I attended the most fabulously musical wedding this weekend. And before you even read the rest of the post, go listen to this beautiful song called ‘Asi Es’ written by the gorgeous bride Jenny Post (now Jenny Bottoni). (Victoria (Post) Birch-mezzo soprano, Chelsea Rose Massey-soprano, Jennifer Post-piano)


Friday night, I went on a little family road trip down to PA to see my cousin Jenny get married. I knew forever that Jenny (and her twin sister) were incredibly musical people; however, I was utterly impressed at how personalized the ceremony was with their own music.

Three of Jenny’s original pieces were performed during the wedding. She walked down the aisle to one of her father’s favorites songs by her, played by a beautiful string quartet. Both Jenny and her Dad cried. It was an incredibly emotional moment.

Jenny’s sister Tori and Natalie Gelman sang a piece by Jenny called ‘Asi es’ (the song I uploaded above) in incredible two part harmony. I was floored. Total Chills.

To top it off, at the reception there was a 9-piece band with a FULL HORN SECTION. Toward the end of the party, Jenny and Tori performed an original song with the band during a sweet mother-son dance for Jenny’s new husband and his Mom.

Each guest walked away with a CD of music written by both Jenny and her husband, titled “Celebrating the Unity of Jennifer Post and Sam Bottoni through Music.” Now if that’s not romantic… I don’t know what is.

Long story short, I was taking notes. It was a fantastic weekend. I love my family.


UPDATED: Links above! (and here for your convenience.) <3

Music, Earthfest and… Zombies. That’s right.

Boston Hatchshell Earthfest

Today I went with my roommate and one of my best friends to Earthfest in Boston to check out some sweet live music, get some free stuff and hang out outside. It was a beautiful, PERFECT day to be outdoors along the water, and the Hatch Shell was packed. Quite the lovely day.

A few hours later, we decided it was time to go home. When we started going up the footbridge to get over Storrow Drive, one of my friends stopped said, “Hey. There’s some sort of march… or protest coming this way. Wait. What? What is that?”

Ladies and gentleman, we found a parade of zombies. I immediately whipped out my camera, and thankfully I was able to capture this incredibly unique moment. Amazing.

I love my crazy city. And my crazy life.

New life, new apartment and… musical neighbors?

Sorry for the lull. I’ve been quite the busy lady with finishing school, graduation, etc.

I moved into my new place yesterday. So far it’s great. However, today as I’m settling in…I heard mysterious singing from outside my bedroom window… that went on for hours. And hours. So, naturally, I did some investigation!

Please bare with me and my shaky self-recording. (And really strange facial expressions.) It’s in two parts, because I own absolutely no video editing software. Enjoy!