Listen. Love. Repeat.

Listen. Love. Repeat. (#1): Wallis Bird

I’ve decided to start a new series where I “feature” a musician/band/song every week. I’m really big into obsessing over one or two tracks at a time, listening to them over and over again. Now you guys can know what’s stuck in my head.

Expect new stuff. Old stuff. Stuff you’ve heard before. Stuff you’ve forgotten about. It’ll be good.

This week is Wallis Bird. I first learned about her through Aurgasm, one of my favorite music blogs. (I actually plan to post an interview I had with the blog’s founder in the next week. So heads up.)

So why do I love her? For her incredibly authentic and multifaceted vocals. Her voice can be sweet–yet thoughtful–and also has a bit of an edge. Many of her songs start soft and jazzy, and generally get quite intense toward the end. Her sound is dynamic and smart, and her slight Irish lilt is adorable.

The first clip here is her video for “Blossoms on the Street.” The second is one of my absolute favorite songs, “The Circle.” Both are on her album Spoons.

So, what do you think? :)