Holiday Cheer A cappella Style (Invitation to See My Group Perform)

I’ve been talking about building my a cappella group for over a year. Well! 18 months and seven new members later, I sing with a fantastic crew of very talented singers. We’ve been building and arranging an eclectic repertoire of songs by Blind Melon, The Beatles, Mozart and Jason Mraz, sprinkling in some crazy jazz standards here and there. We’ve definitely come a really, really long way.

So! If you’re in the Boston area: I’d like to invite you to come see my group, Common Sound, perform it’s first major holiday concert perfectly timed with the first night of Hanukkah! Hope to see you there.


Common Sound Holiday Concert

When: December 11, 7:30pm
Where: St. Paul’s Church (Brookline, MA)
Suggested Donation:
Register: Click here to RSVP on Facebook

If “The Office” had a Twitter episode (spoof)

I made this video. It’s not musical, but it’s awesome. I am the next Felicia Day [in my dreams].

Let me know what you think!

The [Marketing] Office: How @HubSpot Learned Twitter
(“The Office” Spoof)

Director, Producer and Film Editor: Rebecca Corliss (@repcor)


Mike “Michael Scott” Volpe (@mvolpe)
Dan “Dwight” Zarrella (@danzarrella)
Rick “Jim” Burnes (@rickburnes)
Ellie “Pam” Mirman (@ellieeille)
Karen “Angela” Rubin (@karenrubin)
Prashant “Oscar” Kaw (@prashantkaw)
Dan Tyre (as himself)

Who’s a Proud Auntie of Her Cutie Pie Baby Nephew?

Last week I traveled to southern CA to visit my brother, sister-in-law and beautiful baby nephew! I brought him a little piano. (Naturally.) Turns out he already had one, so now the lucky guy has two. :) — Click here for more photos!

Here are some cute videos, too. I tried to get him to play his piano for the camera. Didn’t really work, but adorable none-the-less.

Nerd Ladies Unite! (Repcor to Speak at Geek Girl Camp)

Just wanted to give an AWESOME PLUG to Geek Girl Camp that’s happening this upcoming Thursday, March 12th in Randolf, MA.

I will be speaking at the event, along with colleagues and fellow geek ladies Ellie Mirman and Karen Rubin. My talk is on (surprise, surprise) Twitter for Business. I’m also doing a co-presentation with Ellie on the deets of inbound marketing.

I’m really excited to get more into speaking. My last talk was at the New Marketing Summit, where I spoke on a “Millenial Marketing Movers” panel organized by the wonderful and brilliant Ben Grossman. Good times.

Anyhow. Ladies, represent! We can be geeks too. Be proud. :)

Dude. I’m in a band?!

This is a cute little video that my friend Joselin Mane took during #HubSpot1K. Yep. It’s me singing my one-hit-wonder.

I love RockBand. And my stupid “woo!” at the end. Man. That’s STAGE PRESENCE right there.

Thanks, Joselin!

My “Music Video Debut” is this Monday…

I promise I wouldn’t let you down! It’s been a pretty long process. I first had to record the vocals. (YES, it’s me singing. And all the backup music was played by the fantastic Mr. David Fisher.) It’s a parody of a song I’m sure you’ve heard. Except now it’s an angsty, angry tune about inbound marketing! It will be awesomely campy and fun.

In the video are the fabulous and fun @mvolpe, @ellieeille, @rickburnes, @pamelump, @aaronwhite and @J_Vaughan. The past few weeks I’ve been editing, polishing and getting it ready to go.

SO GET PUMPED! It will be here (and hopefully… everywhere) Monday morning.

Repcor: Your future song writer? :)

Once upon a time, baby Repcor made up a little song called “Uno Dos Tres” and sang it to her preschool class. At 9-years-old, she wrote a song about friendship (originally meant to be submitted to a Ghostwriter TV show competition) and taught it to 45 third-graders. Later that year, the kids performed it at an assembly for the entire elementary school.

In high school (during her fabulous, angsty-teen years), she wrote a song called “My Time,” got it recorded at her friend’s homemade recording studio, “mass-produced” a bunch of copies and sold three dozen or so to her friends. Right before graduation, she composed a piano piece called “II” and performed it for her school. She started college wanting to write movie scores.

Growing up, I was absolutely one of those stereotypical little girls who craved fame. I did every silly talent show. I was in every singing group. However, as an adult… the possibility of making any kind of living truly doing something musical remained an unfulfilled and seemingly unrealistic dream.

Well. Guess what?

The kind folks at HubSpot seem to think I might still have it in me, and they’ve asked if I would think up some creative songs for them. The plan is to make some funny “music videos” (if you will) about social media… the Internet… and whatever else we think up. I mean, come on! How cool is that?

I never thought I’d ever be given such a project. But you know? It’s pretty perfect, and I am absolutely pumped. I hate being cheesy. (Really I do.) But… this is a bit dream-come-true. Perhaps the beginning of something big!

Now, I just have to deliver! :)

So stick around, friends. Let’s see how this goes.

A Very Delicious Birthday.

I just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU to all of my wonderful friends for the birthday wishes yesterday. Between the DMs, Tweets, Facebook messages and wall posts… I felt loved. :)

Yesterday was incredibly fun. I went out to breakfast in the morning. Later met my good friend Betsy for pedicures, who also delivered me a delicious chocolate cupcake. Hung out for a bit. Then met up with some more people (including the lovely Maria) and went to REDBONES in Davis Square for some amazing BBQ. I had ribs, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and corn bread. Then we all devoured a giant chocolate cake from Finale that Dave brought. Heaven.

Finished the evening at McFadden’s in Faneuil hall, where we watched some crazy people dance. And danced with them.

Good birthday. Good food. Good friends. I’m happy. :)

My world is wide open.

So! For those of you who don’t already know, I am no longer working at SHIFT. As awesome of a company it is, unfortunately it was not the best match for me. I really want to work for a company where I have integrated responsibilities. I’d love to wear multiple hats, perhaps investigate the marketing space and continue to do PR/social media. I’m lucky to have a bit of a post-college safety net, so this is the perfect opportunity to do some cheesy, Gen Y self-exploration and find a job that really fits. I’m excited.

Since I’ve officially entered my job search, I’ve added a resume section to my blog. Check it out. Send me feedback. Email me ideas. I’m super open-minded, so please let me know what you think!

Finally, on my last day at SHIFT I asked my Twitter friends to tell me their favorite song to pump them up and get them going.

Their responses:

Stanton Champion spchampion @repcor Feeling Good by Nina Simone.
Shelley Greenberg thespottedduck @repcor honestly? “don’t stop me now.” :) don’t know if you’ve heard of it…
Michelle Riggen-Rans mriggen @repcor I always work out to Rihanna, Nelly or Usher. I am a 17-year old trapped in a 40-year old’s run-down, jogging body!
Sarah Wurrey SarahWurrey @repcor I must third the call for Muppets. It’s time to put on makeup! It’s time to dress up right!
John Johansen jljohansen @repcor
Geoff Manning geoffmanning @repcor oldie but goodie, GnR’s Panama City
eldevlin eldevlin Icon_red_lock @repcor Lovely Day by Bill Withers makes my skin tingle. :)
Laurie Shulman LaurieShuls @repcor Eye of the Tiger!
Meredith Krumenacker Meredithk1981 @repcor Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter.” And “Hey Driver” by Lucky Boys Confusion.
Jonathan hieronymus @repcor Not sure why, but Sana Esmeralda’s Don’t Let Be Misunderstood always got me pumped up ♫
Leslie geechee_girl @repcor depends on what getting pumped up for. A Little Respect is a good one, but I have lots.
CinemaSuicide CinemaSuicide @repcor Never Let Down by Andrew WK makes me want to high five everyone in sight
Mike Volpe mvolpe @repcor “Let’s Get it Started” by the Black Eyed Peas
Jameson Bull JamesonBull @repcor Under The Influence of Giants – In The Clouds:
Veronica Giggey giggey @repcor See I used to listen to it before races…figure out how long ago that was!

Well, world. Whattya got? :)

A cappella update and why I love life.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve dedicated the summer to forming my own a cappella group. Starting a group from scratch has definitely been one of the most challenging/exciting things I’ve ever done, and I’m pretty pleased with its progression. First huge step was finding my co-founder, Miss Shelley Greenberg. Next was getting our rehearsal space; we’ve booked a BEAUTIFUL church sanctuary (OMG ACOUSTICS) where we will be incredibly spoiled.

Auditions are in exactly two weeks. I’ve been getting a great response from people wanting to try out, and I think there will be a pretty decent crowd. (Feel free to spread the word to any fellow Boston singers who might like to join a group. Please.)

I cannot wait until I start singing regularly again, in a formal rehearsal. As cheesy as it is, I whole-heartedly believe I would be a completely different person if I didn’t/couldn’t sing. I mean… I do it all the time. For example, my new apartment is entirely hardwood floors, and one of my favorite things to do is sing really, really loud while no one is home and echo through the hallways. Another prime singing time is dish washing. Or whenever I enter/exit a vestibule. Or while I blow dry my hair. (Don’t ask.)

When I was younger (we’re talking age seven or eight and in elementary school), I would swing on the swings and make up songs. For hours. At eight years old. Now, mind you, I also didn’t have very many friends at the time. But still, it’s really fun to think about how ingrained singing is in my life, even from day one. Do most people have something like this? Am I just lucky?

The other day while I was talking to my Mom, she told me that my grandmother had an incredible voice. Her dream was to travel overseas to sing for the WWII troops. I had no idea. Although both my parents took piano lessons when they were younger, I don’t have a very musical family (at least, immediate family), and I always wondered where “my voice” came from. It’s really cool to think that possibly my talent came from her.

Anyhow, let it be known that I am not the best singer in the world. I don’t think that at all, and that’s not the point. What I’m trying to emphasize is how important it is to be thankful for any special thing you can do. It’s a bit cliché and lame, but it’s true. What we do defines us. So why not do it well and be proud of it?