Hip Hop

@Repcor the Rihanna Wanna-be [Music Video]

A few weeks ago, we at HubSpot launched a new music video (one of my favorites perhaps). It’s a hip hop-infused marketing video, and we got to collaborate with the fantastic @Chuck the SEO Rapper.

It speaks for itself. Enjoy it.

New Music Video! Me-me so NURTURED!

After a helluva day of editing (I had to do it… twice. Hah!), this bad boy is finally finished and out on “the Internets” for the world to enjoy.

I really like this one. I tried to keep it short and sweet, and @vleckas and @cantwell are so high energy. I love it.

Oh yeah. And it’s a cover of a song I *bet* you’ve heard before. ;)

“Baby Got Leads”
By HubSpot’s Rebecca Corliss

Oh my god, Karen, look at his leads
They are sooo hot… Ugh.
He looks like one of those inbound marketers
Those leads… they wanna buy… like right now.
They’re just so… ORGANIC!

I like hot leads and I cannot lie
You marketers can’t deny
When a lead converts on a target landing page
Cause my offer’s all the rage
I get sprung
Write a blog post next
Cause you know that text gets indexed
Make content they can’t stop sharing
My podcasts the music’s blaring
Oh baby I wanna convertcha
It’s fine. Won’t hutcha
Organic Google searchers
Makes those leads you got
“Me-Me so nurtured”

Form-filled out break through
You say you wanna get in my queue?
Cold Calling? Appalling
Cause you know my leads come crawling

Come to my website
You found me? Yeah that’s right
Call-to-action is all they need

I’m tired of marketing teams
Who say outbound is their thang
Take the average rep and ask them that
Inbound’s where it’s at
So Sales Teams (Yeah)
Sales Teams (Yeah)
Are your leads all gonna close?
(Hell yeah!)
So turn around. Follow up.
Even prospects got to shout.
Baby got leads.



Direction, Lyrics and Video Editing: Rebecca Corliss (@repcor)
Music Mixing: Dan Abdinoor (@abdinoor)

Sir Convert-A-Lot: Vas Leckas (@vleckas)
Lead Bro: Brian Cantwell (@cantwell)
Lead Lady #1: Karen Rubin (@karenrubin)
Lead Lady #2: Rebecca Corliss
Ensemble: The @HubSpot Team

Nobody Defeats the Beasts of Hockey East

First, this post is WAY overdue. My amazing (and talented friend) @SchneiderMike made me this rap video a couple months ago after losing a bet. ;)

Our rivaling alma maters’ hockey teams (his Miami of Ohio and my Boston University) competed against each other in the N.C.A.A. Hockey finals. Needless to say, BU won.

And here is my prize. Thanks, Mike!

Rebecca Corliss and the Boston Unive


WORD! Does this give me street cred?

By Rebecca Corliss (@repcor)

It’s “south by” where the geeks are fly
Twenty minutes without Twitter
And we’d probably die
You know why
Yo, am I following you?
Your avatar is sweet
It’s too good to be true
Staying weird in Austin
Parties every night
And my Twitter grade status
Gonna cause a bar fight
That picture I took?
I’ll put it up on Facebook
And I’ll tag it so good
That your motha’ might look
Word. Absurd.
You’re only hot if you’re a nerd
Microblogging so sweet
That you know it’s overheard. What?

SXSW. Party in the club. Homies start a geek fest.
SXSW. And we’ll be a trending topic ‘tik six in the morning.

With Pete Cashmore on my arm
We ghost riding down the street
And you know you check out Julia
When she decides to Tweet
It’s sweet.
Taking Twitpics of the honies
Cause it’s funny
In the iPhone store buying apps and spending money
Park my Mini Cooper
ReadWriteWeb and TechCrunch Chill
Arrington is blogging,
Yo, GaryVee you and me should party in this motha’
Sippy sip with Kawasaki!
And! Brogan with his pirate crew
I’m hanging on the poolside
Robert Scoble is that YOU

SXSW. Party in the club. Homies start a geek fest.
SXSW. And we’ll be a trending topic ‘tik six in the morning.

Baby you look fly
Connect to my API
Going viral like a spiral
As we own the public eye

Don’t be wasting all my flaver
With your Windows pipe screensaver
Crowdsourcing reinforcing
Cloud computing
Touch the sky!

Don’t  go be wack like Plurk
Fly dawgs Mechanical Turk
We pull out Qik because it’s sick
Gangsters in real-time at work

Interactive is attractive
Here at SXSW
If everything’s bigger in Texas
Then it’s geeks who do it BEST!

SXSW. Party in the club. Homies start a geek fest.
SXSW. And we’ll be a trending topic ‘tik six in the morning.

Cameos (in order of appearance):

@PaughGinney, @scottmonty, @iamkhayyam, @julien, @juliaroy, @CMajor, @cappypopp, @JenWojcik, @davealevine, @mashable (photo), @techcrunch (photo), @garyvee (photo), @guykawasaki (photo), @chrisbrogan, @scobelizer, @brett

I KNOW I’m missing people. PLEASE tell me if you see yourself, so I can add you in. :)

Also, keep an eye out for @danzarrella, @rickburnes and @pc4media hanging out behind me as I rock out at my desk. Yeah, I’m cool.


Thank you to @JohnJohansen and @recklessstudio for your wonderful camera-holding skills.

Full credits are here.


Wanna be in my SXSW music video?

I’m leaving for Austin and SXSWi early Friday morning, and I am BEYOND excited. True story: I won my conference ticket in a raffle during Boston Twestival. Best $20 bucks in raffle tickets I’ve ever spent. (And for a good cause too!)

While I’m there, one of my main projects will be a creative piece (Did I hear… music video?) that will include dancey video clips from all the folks I meetespecially, at the Austin Tweetup that HubSpot is sponsoring on Sunday, March 15th from 9pm-2am at the Aces Lounge.  It may or may not involve awesome *thug life* poses and dance moves. (See exhibit A.) It’ll be a really good time. So if you think you’re up for it, you should definitely @repcor/DM me.

I’m also scheduling casual meetups for a video interview series for my company’s Inbound Marketing blog (with over 11 thousand subscribers… hey now!) You can check out the questions I’ll be asking here. So, don’t be shocked if I ask to interview you. That just means I think you’re really, really smart.

Things are finally coming together! It’s going to be an amazing time, and I’m really looking forward to meeting all sorts of new people and learning lots. So let’s hang out!

MC Hammer Legit Visits HubSpot TV

Yesterday started as a normal, busy day hustling and bustling around. Getting HubSpot TV prepared and ready to go. Starting the show at 4:00pm as normal. You know. Just an average, normal Friday.

Then MC Hammer showed up.

That’s my hand (and my messy handwriting) that made a cameo in front of Hammer. :)

So how did it happen? In short, my colleague Dan Zarrella was on Twitter and noticed him tweeting that he was in Boston. So… we tweeted him like CRAZY inviting him to stop by. He showed up. There you have it!

I’ve talked about this before, but Twitter really, really does level the networking playing field. In what other medium could a software company get in touch with a rockstar and actually get him to drop by? That doesn’t happen ANYWHERE else. It just doesn’t.

You can read the full blog post about Hammer’s HubSpot visit or watch his full interview on HubSpot TV. Very cool stuff indeed.

Oughta Know [Inbound Marketing] Music Video!

Here she is! My awesome HubSpot music video in all its glory. I’d like to thank all the little people that made this happen. ;) Enjoy. (AND TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!)

Here are the lyrics so you can sing along. (Cause I know you do!)

“Oughta Know Inbound Marketing”
By HubSpot’s Rebecca Corliss

If I make one more call
I might go punch a wall.
No one understands
That this doesn’t work.

They hang up cause I’m a creep.
The mail I send they don’t read.
They always find a way to
Ignore me.
I’m interrupting their lives
So they threaten me with knives.
I didn’t think that marketing was like torture.

Cause the calls, direct mail
TV ads, they all fail.
And they aren’t getting me anywhere. They don’t work.
And every time I try to sell
‘Didja know that I’m told I should go to hell?
Then I cry. Then I cry.
And you wonder why.

I want leads
To come to me.
Fix our SEO
Get some inbound links.
Let’s get blogging.
Why don’t we just use inbound marketing?
You. You. You. Oughta know.

Get my page rank up.
Tag my content.
Fix my landing page.
Let them come to me.

Now I can blog I can tweet
Publish things you will read.
Won’t have to bug you in the middle of dinner.
Google me organically
Search results one two and three.
You need my products? Uh huh. Yeah you’ll find me.

Cause the calls, direct mail
TV ads, they all failed.
And they weren’t getting me anywhere. They don’t work.
And every time I tried to sell
‘Didja know I was told I should go to hell.
Then I cried. Then I cried.
And you wondered why.

Now my leads
They come to me
Fixed our SEO
Got some inbound links
Now we’re blogging
Thank god now we use inbound marketing.
You. You. You. Oughta know.

Rihanna, why do you own the radio?

First, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’ve been having a great weekend with your families. I’ve been spending the past few days up in New Hampshire at my parents’ house.

Aside from enjoying the company (and food),  I’ve also gotten the chance to borrow my father’s car and drive around a bit. It’s my favorite thing to do when I’m up here, especially for the opportunity to listen to the radio and catch up on my pop music. It’s true–this is actually something I look forward to.

Well, the past few days I’ve noticed two things:

1) “Live Your Life” by T.I. and Rihanna has played every time I’ve been in the car. I can only assume DJs are playing it at least once every hour.

2) 50% of the time I hear “Live Your Life” (and inevitable switch stations because I’m already sick of the song),  Rihanna’s “Umbrella” is playing on the other major Boston pop station (KISS 108 or JAM’N 94.5, respectively).

So, I’ve never worked and/or studied the radio industry, but was this set up?

The coordinated playing of the two songs has happened far too often for it to be pure coincidence, and I swear I’ve heard it done before with other artists. It’s smart really; if I’m listening to the radio (and I want to keep within the two major Boston pop stations), at that very moment I am forced hear Rihanna. And then I have to choose if I want to hear her new single or her old song that is so-last-year. Interesting tactic. (If it is a tactic.)

So did Rihanna’s record label make some deal with the radio stations to promote the new song? Or did the radio stations decide to do this? Rihanna’s record label is Def Jam, which is owned by Universal Music Group (ultimately owned by GE). KISS and JAM’N are both owned by Clear Channel. Is there some sort of collaboration there I’ve missed? Curious.

Anyhow, if anyone has some insight into this, hit me with your expertise. I find it really interesting and would love to get an insider’s perspective.

And for your listening pleasure, here are the aforementioned songs. However, I require you play them both at the same time.

Youuuuuuuu are being stupid, Soulja Boy.

Poor ROFLcon kids got their Crank That ROFLcon video taken down.

It really is a shame, but I love their response. It would be pretty awesome if this was one of the results that came up when searching for Crank That/Soulja Boy on Youtube. Don’t you think?

Let’s make it happen.

Hip Hop Sampling Remains a Mystery to Me…

I’m not even going to pretend I understand how this guy does this. I used to make some fly beats back in the day on the amazing Yamaha my parents bought me when I was 13, but nothing compared to this.

Anyhow. Meet Disko Dave. In the video, he messes around with a sample, adds different rhythms and such and makes it sound pretty incredible. Personally, I’m quite impressed. I have limited to no exposure to the hip hop world aside from the horrible, overproduced pop-hip hop on the radio. This is a breath of fresh air. Can’t deny this guy is talented.

If it means anything to you, he’s using an Akai MPC 2000XL, and I kinda want one (even though I wouldn’t be able to use it for my life.) I would love to know how those little buttons change the chord. Are the chords preprogrammed to fit the key… or is each button a note? Any insight?

If you’re curious, I found this clip on www.cratekings.com. Peace.