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DC A Cappella Inspiring My Boston Soul

While I was running my group Common Sound, I was honored to have an amazing friend named Brian Brandler as my co-leader. He was my primary support throughout the massive roller coaster that was starting a group for the first time. We were a fabulous pair – two cups vision and one cup well-oiled machine. We balanced each other nicely.

However, about two years ago, Brian moved to DC for a grad program and a new adventure. It was bitter sweet. He was going to study music and psychology, and I would miss him terribly. Would a cappella be as enjoyable and inspiring without him?

Life continued, as did the group and my singing. As we all got into a new routine, I also started jabbing Brian: When are you going to join a group? When are you going to join a group?  While he said  he wanted to wait a bit, soon enough he decided to bite the bullet and audition.

Brian joined a DC A Cappella group Vox Pop. And they are, in a word, fantastic. Since Brian joined, they have performed in a cappella festivals, opened for famous a cappella groups like Afro Blue, and even recorded an entire album.

Hearing about their hard work and accomplishments was impressive and inspiring. Brian had come a long way from our little group that we had started from scratch just a few years prior. And it was fascinating to hear how a true pro group ran, the ins and outs of its organization, how to run song selection, and more. I  learned more and more about a cappella and their keys to success during every enjoyable phone call.

Needless to say, I’m so proud of you Brian! We were such an amazing team in Boston, but I had no idea your accomplishments in DC would equally inspire me — if not more.