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Do you want to date my avatar?

This video came out YESTERDAY and it already has 55K+ views. (Probably more by the time you read this.)

Someday… I will be Felicia Day. I mean, I’ve made online music videos too. I’m only a jump away!

And for the record, I’ve never watched an episode of The Guild in my life. Never. I swear. Really!

Enjoy the video. :)

Listen to Common Sound’s Latest Performance

Yesterday  Common Sound, my a cappella singing group that I founded a little over a year ago, had a performance for friends and family. We wanted to show off what we had been working on, as well as do a proper send off for one of our members who moves to the west coast next week.

Click here to listen to a recording our set. I solo on the last song, “I’m Yours.” (Alternatively, if anyone knows how I can embed the player into this blog post, that would be awesome.)

I would love to hear your thoughts! Note: We don’t use any amplification. It’s all natural echo from the high-ceiling church that we sing in.

Also, we are always looking to perform more, as well as audition new members–especially since our wonderful tenor is leaving! On our website, you can invite us to sing at your event or request a singing audition to join the group. Check it out or pass on the word.

Thank you so much. <3