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Dude. I’m in a band?!

This is a cute little video that my friend Joselin Mane took during #HubSpot1K. Yep. It’s me singing my one-hit-wonder.

I love RockBand. And my stupid “woo!” at the end. Man. That’s STAGE PRESENCE right there.

Thanks, Joselin!

MC Hammer Legit Visits HubSpot TV

Yesterday started as a normal, busy day hustling and bustling around. Getting HubSpot TV prepared and ready to go. Starting the show at 4:00pm as normal. You know. Just an average, normal Friday.

Then MC Hammer showed up.

That’s my hand (and my messy handwriting) that made a cameo in front of Hammer. :)

So how did it happen? In short, my colleague Dan Zarrella was on Twitter and noticed him tweeting that he was in Boston. So… we tweeted him like CRAZY inviting him to stop by. He showed up. There you have it!

I’ve talked about this before, but Twitter really, really does level the networking playing field. In what other medium could a software company get in touch with a rockstar and actually get him to drop by? That doesn’t happen ANYWHERE else. It just doesn’t.

You can read the full blog post about Hammer’s HubSpot visit or watch his full interview on HubSpot TV. Very cool stuff indeed.

Happy Valentine’s Day Music Videos!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves, perhaps doing something special.

Me? I’m waiting for 2 dozen roses that I won from KABLOOM! Later, I’m going to an improv show all about how much love and Valentine’s Day sucks! Fabulous.

Also–if you haven’t seen it yet–last Monday I released my new music video Link Love. I’ve gotten some good feedback. We launched it along with a cute give link love Twitter application that my colleague Dan Zarrella created. Let me know what you think. And the lyrics are here.

FYI: Yes, I wrote the song. I thought I’d try something a bit more original this time, instead of a cover. People tell me it’s catchy. Muhaha.

I also just stumbled upon Pepsi’s own Valentine’s Day video. I’m not sure how I feel. It definitely looks a lot more professional, but I don’t know… I think my song’s better. :)

Enjoy your day!