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Pledge to Start Blogging MORE (And… some excuses)

Well, I haven’t blogged here in a month and a half. And that’s horrible. The blog has definitely suffered from it. Lost a handful of subscribers. And for someone who preaches that content creation is the best publicity, I’m sure doing a poor job here. So? I promise to start blogging more. My goal is once a week, and I think I can hack it.

To alleviate the scorn I know you feel for my poor blogging efforts, I better have a really good excuse, right? Well here’s FIVE. I swear I’ve been up to good things!

1) I’m working full-time on the HubSpot marketing team! I’ve been at HubSpot for just about as long as I’ve stopped blogging! Hmm. Coincidence? (Actually, this probably isn’t a good excuse. Many of the HubSpot champs are very avid bloggers.)

2) I’m the newest producer for HubSpot TV. Most of my role is the post-production stuff, like uploading the episodes to the HubSpot blog. I also get the fun job of scheduling guests to be part of the show.

3) I’m consumed by fans due to my new viral music video stardom. Okay. Cheap shot. However, it has been very cool! Over 40K views in it’s first week. It got 14 YouTube honors on it’s second day, including #93 most viewed OVER ALL. Lots of freaking awesome blogs picked up the video. It’s an honor! (And I might have another jam up my sleeve. Hint hint.)

4) My a cappella group Common Sound is BLOWING UP! Well. It’s getting there. We lost a member, which was very sad. But we continue to rehearse every week. (And we have auditions on Tuesday!) So far we’ve mastered Mozarts “Ave Verum Corpus”, jazz standard “You Go To My Head” and Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”. Yep. We are the most eclectic singing group you’ve EVER HEARD. And yes. Our site [finally] up. :)

5) I’m working on a fun, casual dessert tweetup series called SweetUps. It’s definetely a work in progress. I’ve had two events so far. The first one was at Finale. About 13 of us ate decadent dessert, however sat at a single LONG table. (Not the greatest for socializing.) The second was at Grafton Street (and in honor of my dear friend Ben Grossman!) This was a bit bigger event and much more social. However, there was no dessert! — Like I said. Work in progress. (Also, I tried to use #sweetup2 for the second event, but people just calling it #sweetup. Oh well.)

Well, that’s about it. So do you forgive me? :)