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Rihanna, why do you own the radio?

First, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’ve been having a great weekend with your families. I’ve been spending the past few days up in New Hampshire at my parents’ house.

Aside from enjoying the company (and food),  I’ve also gotten the chance to borrow my father’s car and drive around a bit. It’s my favorite thing to do when I’m up here, especially for the opportunity to listen to the radio and catch up on my pop music. It’s true–this is actually something I look forward to.

Well, the past few days I’ve noticed two things:

1) “Live Your Life” by T.I. and Rihanna has played every time I’ve been in the car. I can only assume DJs are playing it at least once every hour.

2) 50% of the time I hear “Live Your Life” (and inevitable switch stations because I’m already sick of the song),  Rihanna’s “Umbrella” is playing on the other major Boston pop station (KISS 108 or JAM’N 94.5, respectively).

So, I’ve never worked and/or studied the radio industry, but was this set up?

The coordinated playing of the two songs has happened far too often for it to be pure coincidence, and I swear I’ve heard it done before with other artists. It’s smart really; if I’m listening to the radio (and I want to keep within the two major Boston pop stations), at that very moment I am forced hear Rihanna. And then I have to choose if I want to hear her new single or her old song that is so-last-year. Interesting tactic. (If it is a tactic.)

So did Rihanna’s record label make some deal with the radio stations to promote the new song? Or did the radio stations decide to do this? Rihanna’s record label is Def Jam, which is owned by Universal Music Group (ultimately owned by GE). KISS and JAM’N are both owned by Clear Channel. Is there some sort of collaboration there I’ve missed? Curious.

Anyhow, if anyone has some insight into this, hit me with your expertise. I find it really interesting and would love to get an insider’s perspective.

And for your listening pleasure, here are the aforementioned songs. However, I require you play them both at the same time.

Youuuuuuuu are being stupid, Soulja Boy.

Poor ROFLcon kids got their Crank That ROFLcon video taken down.

It really is a shame, but I love their response. It would be pretty awesome if this was one of the results that came up when searching for Crank That/Soulja Boy on Youtube. Don’t you think?

Let’s make it happen.

Hey Ben Folds! Pick my girls!

Kudos to you Mr. Ben Folds for being 1) one of my favorite musicians and 2) an incredible supporter of college a cappella!

Ben’s making a new album that will be entirely a cappella versions of his songs, and he’s asking college a cappella groups across the US to record themselves singing their favorite Ben Folds tune and upload it to YouTube. He will then select 12-15 groups to perform on the album.

And guess what? My old college group Chordially Yours is giving it a shot with their rendition of Underground!

So pick my girls, Mr. Folds! How could you not? :)