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Twitter Halloween Icons and Thriller A cappella

Happy Halloween! Just wanted to share two cute things with you.

First, CHECK OUT THESE AMAZING HALLOWEEN ICONS FOR TWITTER. I am absolutely obsessed. I discovered them when @DieLaughing mentioned them in a Tweet, but I have no clue who the creator is. Show yourself!

Second, Adam Lasnik sent me a super cool 64-voice a cappella version of Thriller. The sounds in the beginning are pretty nuts, but the guy needs to work on his pitch (and falsetto) a bit. I give him a B- for vocal ability and an A+ for effort and creativity.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

Repcor: Your future song writer? :)

Once upon a time, baby Repcor made up a little song called “Uno Dos Tres” and sang it to her preschool class. At 9-years-old, she wrote a song about friendship (originally meant to be submitted to a Ghostwriter TV show competition) and taught it to 45 third-graders. Later that year, the kids performed it at an assembly for the entire elementary school.

In high school (during her fabulous, angsty-teen years), she wrote a song called “My Time,” got it recorded at her friend’s homemade recording studio, “mass-produced” a bunch of copies and sold three dozen or so to her friends. Right before graduation, she composed a piano piece called “II” and performed it for her school. She started college wanting to write movie scores.

Growing up, I was absolutely one of those stereotypical little girls who craved fame. I did every silly talent show. I was in every singing group. However, as an adult… the possibility of making any kind of living truly doing something musical remained an unfulfilled and seemingly unrealistic dream.

Well. Guess what?

The kind folks at HubSpot seem to think I might still have it in me, and they’ve asked if I would think up some creative songs for them. The plan is to make some funny “music videos” (if you will) about social media… the Internet… and whatever else we think up. I mean, come on! How cool is that?

I never thought I’d ever be given such a project. But you know? It’s pretty perfect, and I am absolutely pumped. I hate being cheesy. (Really I do.) But… this is a bit dream-come-true. Perhaps the beginning of something big!

Now, I just have to deliver! :)

So stick around, friends. Let’s see how this goes.

A Very Delicious Birthday.

I just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU to all of my wonderful friends for the birthday wishes yesterday. Between the DMs, Tweets, Facebook messages and wall posts… I felt loved. :)

Yesterday was incredibly fun. I went out to breakfast in the morning. Later met my good friend Betsy for pedicures, who also delivered me a delicious chocolate cupcake. Hung out for a bit. Then met up with some more people (including the lovely Maria) and went to REDBONES in Davis Square for some amazing BBQ. I had ribs, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and corn bread. Then we all devoured a giant chocolate cake from Finale that Dave brought. Heaven.

Finished the evening at McFadden’s in Faneuil hall, where we watched some crazy people dance. And danced with them.

Good birthday. Good food. Good friends. I’m happy. :)

My A Cappella Group Has a Name!

Five months, four new members and two Google pages later, my little a cappella group finally has a name! We are… *trumpets*

Common Sound!

I’m really pleased. We put a lot of thought into it.  For example, it reflects our shared common love for singing and a cappella. It’s a reference to the Boston Common. Also, the genres we’ve been singing lately have been quite eclectic. (Our music director is teaching us some Mozart for a warm up.) Perhaps in that sense, “common” could refer to any common type of music people enjoy.

Anyhow, I feel like it really fits. I’m happy we finally figured it out.

And now… we need to choose a URL! Of course, is taken. So what’s next best? The group will obviously make the final decision, but I’d still love your feedback.

Ideas so far:

Thoughts? Other ideas?


UPDATE: Thanks everyone for your suggestions. We decided on! No page up yet, but we’re working on it.

Viral vs. Viral

Earlier today, I had a pretty heated debate with Mr. @Tibbon about the word “viral” or a video’s ability to “go viral.” He believes that any company that creates a video with the specific purpose to “go viral” will fail, simply because it will be associated with a company that has a clear corporate gain. These people are missing the point; “going viral” cannot be contrived.

While I agree that this misunderstanding of the beloved buzzword occurs far too often–especially in marketing campaigns–I also believe that if a video or piece of content is THAT good… it will “go viral” regardless who made it. Companies can have awesome ideas too. If it’s funny/cool/original enough, the public won’t hide it away and forget about it in fear of being part of a marketing ploy. People share what they like.

I also believe that something can be viral without “going viral.” For example, I think a video that a single person sends around to one or two friends has a viral quality. Can’t that person-to-person component be considered viral? Or is that only mildly contagious? How rampid does the disease need to be before it can be called “viral?” Can’t we create a gray-scale? What do you think?

I’ll leave you with this OK Go video. That went viral. Or did it?

SM4SC Song Winner: @aaronwhite w/

Congrats Aaron White and for winning the SM4SC donation song contest-turned Twitter auction (#songforsm4sc). He won with a $90 bid! Thank you Aaron for your awesome generosity. Without further ado, here’s your song!

EDIT: It’s been requested that I post the lyrics. Here ya go! Song (By @repcor)

One day I went online
With the hopes that I found find
A place where I could be creative.
What do you expect from a digital native?

Then I found a really neat site.
You made cool stuff and brought it to life.
Who knew that I could animate?
Now that’s sure something to celebrate.

DoInk who would think that my drawings wouldn’t stink?
They have an octopus and he’s bright pink.
Oh don’t be a loser, make your battleship sink.
You wanna visit well here’s a link.
DoInk, DoInk, oh doink-adoink-adoink, DoInk

I like your work on that waning moon.
You should check out my puppy cartoon.

Didja think that I could DoInk
Like those guys on those blogs?
Well I made a man who’s jumping rope
And a big bunch of green frogs.

I’ve made so many friends.
They always comment, now don’t pretend
You don’t wanna join and start this too.
DoInk will bring out the designer in you!


This goes out to ‘Lil Inker.