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SINGING FOR CHARITY!: Social media for social change donor contest

So the past month has been wonderful. Although sans the traditional FT job, I’ve been incredibly busy– specifically by volunteering for a developing charity organization called Social Media for Social Change (aka SM4SC).

Social Media for Social Change SM4SCMy dear friend Gradon Tripp started SM4SC earlier this summer simply because he wanted to raise money for a charity he holds quite close to him: Jane Doe Inc. Well! This project has snowballed into a glacier, and we are on our way to become a soon-to-be amazing nonprofit that will use social media to help charities all over the place.

So, I’ve been serving as SM4SC’s PR dudette for a while now, also working with fabulous PR/Social Media Agency sponsor I launched our first news release last week and I’ve been chatting with reporters/bloggers to continue getting the word out.

Well. This has been awesome, and I’m in love with the traction we’re getting. However, I started thinking…how ELSE can I help? What can crazy Repcor do to get more people to donate to SM4SC and Jane Doe Inc.’s cause?


I pledge to write a song about you, your company, your family, your cause, your dog, WHATEVER– to whoever pledges the highest donation to SM4SC. Note: this is a DONATION, not a sponsorship. This person’s/company’s donation will go directly to Jane Doe Inc. and will be tax deductible (minus tickets in your donor package, if you’re THAT much of a rockstar.)

Bidding will close on Friday, October 3rd at 5:00pm EST. I’ll then take the weekend to get the creative juices flowing, write up an awesome song about how charitable you are (throw in some of your corporate messaging, if that’s what gets your jollies) and the good people at SM4SC will throw it up on the website on Monday 10/6 (along with my blog, other people’s blogs, surely tweeted everywhere, dugg, you know the drill!)

So… let it begin! Your bids can be made by tweeting me @repcor or emailing me at

Good luck!

My world is wide open.

So! For those of you who don’t already know, I am no longer working at SHIFT. As awesome of a company it is, unfortunately it was not the best match for me. I really want to work for a company where I have integrated responsibilities. I’d love to wear multiple hats, perhaps investigate the marketing space and continue to do PR/social media. I’m lucky to have a bit of a post-college safety net, so this is the perfect opportunity to do some cheesy, Gen Y self-exploration and find a job that really fits. I’m excited.

Since I’ve officially entered my job search, I’ve added a resume section to my blog. Check it out. Send me feedback. Email me ideas. I’m super open-minded, so please let me know what you think!

Finally, on my last day at SHIFT I asked my Twitter friends to tell me their favorite song to pump them up and get them going.

Their responses:

Stanton Champion spchampion @repcor Feeling Good by Nina Simone.
Shelley Greenberg thespottedduck @repcor honestly? “don’t stop me now.” :) don’t know if you’ve heard of it…
Michelle Riggen-Rans mriggen @repcor I always work out to Rihanna, Nelly or Usher. I am a 17-year old trapped in a 40-year old’s run-down, jogging body!
Sarah Wurrey SarahWurrey @repcor I must third the call for Muppets. It’s time to put on makeup! It’s time to dress up right!
John Johansen jljohansen @repcor
Geoff Manning geoffmanning @repcor oldie but goodie, GnR’s Panama City
eldevlin eldevlin Icon_red_lock @repcor Lovely Day by Bill Withers makes my skin tingle. :)
Laurie Shulman LaurieShuls @repcor Eye of the Tiger!
Meredith Krumenacker Meredithk1981 @repcor Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter.” And “Hey Driver” by Lucky Boys Confusion.
Jonathan hieronymus @repcor Not sure why, but Sana Esmeralda’s Don’t Let Be Misunderstood always got me pumped up ♫
Leslie geechee_girl @repcor depends on what getting pumped up for. A Little Respect is a good one, but I have lots.
CinemaSuicide CinemaSuicide @repcor Never Let Down by Andrew WK makes me want to high five everyone in sight
Mike Volpe mvolpe @repcor “Let’s Get it Started” by the Black Eyed Peas
Jameson Bull JamesonBull @repcor Under The Influence of Giants – In The Clouds:
Veronica Giggey giggey @repcor See I used to listen to it before races…figure out how long ago that was!

Well, world. Whattya got? :)