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I <3 local music @ Make Music Cambridge

Yesterday I went to the Make Music Cambridge event, an awesome outdoor music festival with free live music at every street corner. There were tons of incredibly talented jazz bands, rock bands, singer chicks, violin players, etc. Absolute heaven.

One band I got to check out was Shanghai Thrills. (Naturally, I had to ask for a picture with them.)

Unfortunately I only caught the last song of their set (see below), but I really loved what I heard. Genuine, good rock sound. Super energetic and talented.– I think it’s really smart for local bands to perform at things like this. The exposure you get is fantastic. There was no common demographic of the audience. Just music lovers alike. Also! They’re playing at Harper’s Ferry on Monday June 30th. So you should gooooo. :)

Oh man. I want to be in a band. (Need some female backup vocals, boys?)

Check it out. Watch them. Enjoy. Did I mention that they’re incredibly adorable?

I love my happy music town. Good stuff happens here.

The most musical wedding… ever.

Well, first… my apologizes for being the worst blogger ever. I’m into week three of the new job, and I haven’t found my writing groove yet. I’ll bounce back. I promise.

In other news! I attended the most fabulously musical wedding this weekend. And before you even read the rest of the post, go listen to this beautiful song called ‘Asi Es’ written by the gorgeous bride Jenny Post (now Jenny Bottoni). (Victoria (Post) Birch-mezzo soprano, Chelsea Rose Massey-soprano, Jennifer Post-piano)


Friday night, I went on a little family road trip down to PA to see my cousin Jenny get married. I knew forever that Jenny (and her twin sister) were incredibly musical people; however, I was utterly impressed at how personalized the ceremony was with their own music.

Three of Jenny’s original pieces were performed during the wedding. She walked down the aisle to one of her father’s favorites songs by her, played by a beautiful string quartet. Both Jenny and her Dad cried. It was an incredibly emotional moment.

Jenny’s sister Tori and Natalie Gelman sang a piece by Jenny called ‘Asi es’ (the song I uploaded above) in incredible two part harmony. I was floored. Total Chills.

To top it off, at the reception there was a 9-piece band with a FULL HORN SECTION. Toward the end of the party, Jenny and Tori performed an original song with the band during a sweet mother-son dance for Jenny’s new husband and his Mom.

Each guest walked away with a CD of music written by both Jenny and her husband, titled “Celebrating the Unity of Jennifer Post and Sam Bottoni through Music.” Now if that’s not romantic… I don’t know what is.

Long story short, I was taking notes. It was a fantastic weekend. I love my family.


UPDATED: Links above! (and here for your convenience.) <3

Yes we can.

After a very memorable and historic evening last night, I thought it would be a fantastic time to share (IMHO) the most moving combination of politics and music that I’ve ever seen. Of course you’ve watched it many times before– Perhaps you can even sing along at this point. (Sadly, I can.) But I still love it.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that is horribly manipulative for making this video. I do believe it’s an incredibly influential piece, and clearly he made it to share his views and possibly get people to support Obama. However, as long as he is an American citizen (just like me), I see nothing wrong with it. It’s not a campaign initiative.

Regardless, I think what truly makes this piece powerful is the use of a musical element to get people generally uninterested in politics to pay attention–even care–perhaps for the first time in their lives. For example, the 18-year-old high school student with apolitical parents might think about voting for the first time. Or at least do some research.

Adding music makes it relatable and enjoyable, so you really pay attention to exactly what he’s saying. By giving you another way to hear his speech, it makes you listen that much harder.

Random fact: I’m actually IN this video. Almost. My face is cut out, but you can see my black t-shirt, white Obama sticker and my crazy waving sign. I’m sitting behind the very sullen-looking young man. Don’t believe me? Here’s a cropped screen shot from MSNBC. There I am!

Here’s to being a part of history.