DC A Cappella Inspiring My Boston Soul

While I was running my group Common Sound, I was honored to have an amazing friend named Brian Brandler as my co-leader. He was my primary support throughout the massive roller coaster that was starting a group for the first time. We were a fabulous pair – two cups vision and one cup well-oiled machine. We balanced each other nicely.

However, about two years ago, Brian moved to DC for a grad program and a new adventure. It was bitter sweet. He was going to study music and psychology, and I would miss him terribly. Would a cappella be as enjoyable and inspiring without him?

Life continued, as did the group and my singing. As we all got into a new routine, I also started jabbing Brian: When are you going to join a group? When are you going to join a group?  While he said  he wanted to wait a bit, soon enough he decided to bite the bullet and audition.

Brian joined a DC A Cappella group Vox Pop. And they are, in a word, fantastic. Since Brian joined, they have performed in a cappella festivals, opened for famous a cappella groups like Afro Blue, and even recorded an entire album.

Hearing about their hard work and accomplishments was impressive and inspiring. Brian had come a long way from our little group that we had started from scratch just a few years prior. And it was fascinating to hear how a true pro group ran, the ins and outs of its organization, how to run song selection, and more. I  learned more and more about a cappella and their keys to success during every enjoyable phone call.

Needless to say, I’m so proud of you Brian! We were such an amazing team in Boston, but I had no idea your accomplishments in DC would equally inspire me — if not more.


Here’s to caroling with unicorns. Merry Christmas.

Of course, another crazy HubSpot project. Life is good. Merry Christmas! :-)

@Repcor the Rihanna Wanna-be [Music Video]

A few weeks ago, we at HubSpot launched a new music video (one of my favorites perhaps). It’s a hip hop-infused marketing video, and we got to collaborate with the fantastic @Chuck the SEO Rapper.

It speaks for itself. Enjoy it.

Bringing Vegas to Lizard Lounge

Tonight, I had the pleasure of performing with my a cappella group Common Sound at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge. We got to debut our new song “Vegas” by Sara Bareilles, one of my solos. It was definitely a great exercise in stretching vocal limits; the song is a big higher than my comfortable range. (I’m usually an alto to low alto.) I had an amazing time, and I feel pretty good about how it turned out.

Thank you the wonderful and supportive @prsutherland for taking the video. Thank you to my wonderful group for giving me the opportunity to sing every single week. :-)

This dispatch is going to bust your Foursquare misconduct

I’m proud to be a part of HubSpot’s newest crazy video series, Foursquare Cops. We taped the video below on a sunny, silly Sunday afternoon. And as far as I’m concerned, it’s not too shabby! This video is part of a four-video series that will launch every Tuesday at 12pm ET on the HubSpot marketing blog.


Brightcove Breakfast: Three HubSpot Video Case Studies

This morning, I’ll be presenting at the Brightcove Breakfast. My talk is about using video for marketing (surprise, surprise!), specifically discussing three HubSpot case studies (“viral” video, webinars, and live video podcasts).

Check ‘er out!

Happy Valentine’s Day

This morning, @shaxxon tweeted this lovely video. I loved it.

Holiday Cheer A cappella Style (Invitation to See My Group Perform)

I’ve been talking about building my a cappella group for over a year. Well! 18 months and seven new members later, I sing with a fantastic crew of very talented singers. We’ve been building and arranging an eclectic repertoire of songs by Blind Melon, The Beatles, Mozart and Jason Mraz, sprinkling in some crazy jazz standards here and there. We’ve definitely come a really, really long way.

So! If you’re in the Boston area: I’d like to invite you to come see my group, Common Sound, perform it’s first major holiday concert perfectly timed with the first night of Hanukkah! Hope to see you there.


Common Sound Holiday Concert

When: December 11, 7:30pm
Where: St. Paul’s Church (Brookline, MA)
Suggested Donation:
Register: Click here to RSVP on Facebook

Video + Online Marketing = <3 (DMAW Social Media Day Preso)

Today I’m on a video panel at the DMAW’s Social Media Day event. I’m pumped! ;) Below is my [short and sweet] presentation about the benefits of integrating video into your inbound marketing strategy.

Also, here’s a handful of the awesome marketing videos we’ve made at HubSpot. (I mention a handful of them in the preso.) Enjoy!

If “The Office” had a Twitter episode (spoof)

I made this video. It’s not musical, but it’s awesome. I am the next Felicia Day [in my dreams].

Let me know what you think!

The [Marketing] Office: How @HubSpot Learned Twitter
(“The Office” Spoof)

Director, Producer and Film Editor: Rebecca Corliss (@repcor)


Mike “Michael Scott” Volpe (@mvolpe)
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